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Mukkula Kartano is a historic mansion located in the Mukkula district of Lahti, which offers a versatile milieu for both business events and family parties. At the manor, you can stay in a manor milieu, stop by for a coffee or organize your own events and parties! In the manor, you can have meetings, parties or visit the glass terrace. The Manor’s saunas are also available for rent.

Christmas is already at the door at Mukkula Manor…

Christmas lunch Menu available 16.12. – 21.12.2022 54 € / person

Welcome to enjoy Christmas at the Manor!



The beach is served by Rantakievari, where you can find not only refreshments and delicacies but also a rental service depending on the season.

The manor’s main building is the gem of the area, where you can hold meetings, parties, celebrate weddings and stay overnight. Kokoustalo Kavaljeeri can be used as either a banquet hall or a training room depending on the situation.
The wonderfully renovated beach sauna enables relaxing sauna evenings for groups of friends, and the lake view opening to Vesijärvi completes the amazing whole.

You can find more information about the opening hours on the Facebook page of Mukkula Kartano

Beach sauna and beach

The beach sauna of Mukkula Manor is located in the immediate vicinity of the manor, right on the shore of Lake Vesijärvi. The beach sauna has two separate sauna and break rooms: William and Anna.
The sauna facilities got their name in the beginning of the 20th century from the owners of the von Hausen family, who hosted the Manor. The William space can accommodate 30 people and the Anna space 20 people. The premises can be rented together or separately. You can bring your own drinks to the beach sauna, you can also buy mild drinks (max. 5.5%) for the sauna at Mukkula Kartano.

During February, the Mukkula sauna is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

When you come to the public turn, business is handled through the manor’s reception.
Bring your own towel.

The sauna can also be rented for private use. The price of the sauna is €16/person, incl. sauna & sauna drink.

The swimming pool is free for everyone. The beach is also suitable for the smallest of the family, and in the park area you can even enjoy a picnic with a larger group.


Mukkulan Kartano is now open to all hotel guests. The mansion has 17 rooms with a total of 33 beds. The room selection includes 2 suites, 2 single rooms and 13 double rooms.

Furry dog friends are welcome, because the Manor has its own hotel rooms for families with dogs!

Restaurant and breakfast
Clear and clean flavors from the best seasonal foods, local producers, a touch of history. For the time being, breakfast is available with advance reservation Mon-Fri from 9 am to 11 am and Sat-Sun from 9 am to 2 pm.

Table reservations in advance: [email protected]


The meeting held at Mukkula Manor is a real signature meeting – an experience in itself!

The meeting room The blue cabinet is located in the main building of the manor and the space is suitable for groups of 10 people. The space has a uniform conference table and basic meeting equipment, including a wireless internet connection and an LED screen (to be connected to a computer).

The meeting room The green cabinet is located in the main building of the manor. The space is another of the meeting rooms in the main building of the Manor, where you can find basic meeting equipment including wireless internet connection and LED screen (connectable to a computer).

The Kavaljeeri building is located next to the Manor’s main building. It serves meeting groups of a maximum of 60 people, depending on the table shape. The facility has basic meeting equipment, including a wireless internet connection and a video cannon.


Mukkulan Kartano adapts to all occasions in your life and provides the most beautiful frames, from a child’s naming ceremony to memorial events. Tell us what kind of parties are relevant to you, and the staff at Mukkula Kartano will customize the package according to your wishes.

We want to offer only the best, whether it’s weddings, birthdays, memorial services, christenings, course parties, Christmas parties or, for example, the company’s anniversary party – welcome to celebrate at Mukkula Kartano, a milieu worthy of your celebration.

In addition to the premises, an essential part of the celebration includes good food and drink.
The mansion’s kitchen offers ready-made menu sets or, if you wish, customize the set based on your wishes for the party of your life.

The manor’s A-rights give the opportunity to party until the wee hours, and the accommodation facilities are also available for revelers.
So tell us what your dream party is like, we’ll tailor an offer and help organize your successful party from start to finish.


Mukkula’s heyday began at the end of the 18th century, when Captain Arndt Johan von Hausen became its host.
Owned by von Hausen, the main building of the manor grew into a solemn representative of the imperial style, whose garden was dominated by handsome oaks and English scenery. The main building was also thoroughly renovated later, and new buildings were built in its courtyard.
At that time, there was a dairy and a market garden with greenhouses and heating centers on the farm.

The ownership of Mukkula Manor was linked to von Hausen until 1959, when it became the tourism and leisure center of the city of Lahti.
Since then, the building has functioned both as a place of education and as an art event center.
The manor has been put on the world map by the still active Mukkula writers’ meeting,
which has attracted prominent writers to the town since 1963.
Since 2003, the Summer Up festival has been celebrated on Mukkula beach.
The main building itself was empty since 2009, until the Vanajanlinna Group turned a new page in the manor’s history at the beginning of 2015.

Mukkulan Kartano is a destination on the Tour de Mukkulan Kartano route, which you can reach by clicking here.

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