City Tour de Porvoo 2,6km by Local4U

City Tour de Porvoo by Local4U

There are many parking spaces in Porvoo, but for long-distance drivers, the best parking space can be found by driving Vanhaa Helsingintietä to the Porvoo artillery monument, where there is plenty of parking space. The route starts by passing over the old bridge, which, by walking straight up the bridge hill, you can admire Porvoo Cathedral. The Flensborgintörmä road leaves from the cathedral, along which there is Ravintola Salt almost immediately at the intersection of Vuorikatu. Walking forward along Vuorikatu, you will come across Linséninpuisto, through which you can reach Kirkkokatu. Along Kirkkokatu you can find Fredrika Runeberg park, handicraft shop Ekomania and other stores and boutiques. The route goes via Mannerheimi katu and Rauhankatu to Porvoo market, near which you can find the Moomin park and Lundi shopping center.

The route continues along Raatihuonekatu to Jokikatu, to the banks of Porvoonjoki, along which Porvoo’s lovely riverside summer cafes and restaurants can be found. From Jokikatu, you can easily get to Runeberginkatu’s Museum Runebergi home and Runebergi park. The route continues along the Porvoonjoki river to the new bridge in Porvoo, near which you can find the used goods store Boheemi, the vintage clothing store Niin Mua, and the clothing store Fabe, which can be reached by walking along the pedestrian street next to Mannerheiminkatu. Right after the new bridge, on the shore of Porvoonjoki is the Porvoo’s Paahtitimo Bar & Cafe, where you can enjoy drinks from the bar cafe on the ship’s terrace. Google maps does not recognize the underpass tunnels of the bridge, which is why it draws a link to the new bridge in Porvoo and Mannerheiminkatu. You can ignore this loop and go along the underpass tunnels.

Next, the route continues along Jokikatu to the old town of Porvoo. From the intersection of Jokikatu and Krämaregatan you can reach the restaurant Ranta-aitta, where you can enjoy good food by the Porvoonjoki. After that, the route continues to RUNO Hotel, where you can book a room if necessary, and enjoy breakfast from RUNO Kitchen, dishes from the All Day Food menu, and drinks from RUNO Bar. The route continues along Jokikatu to Porvoo Raatihuoneontori, which can also be reached along Välikatu. On Välikatu, near the RUNO hotel, there is a Brunbergin store, which is one of the most popular places to visit in Porvoo. Both Jokikatu and Välikatu are worth walking, because both streets have lovely boutiques and historically beautiful buildings.

The route ends at Porvoo Raatihuoneentor, around which you can find Porvoo’s museums, Sisustus Omietta and Café Fanny. You can easily get from Raatihuoneentor, along Jokikatu, back to the Old bridge and the Porvoo artillery monument.

If Porvoo’s old town fascinates you first, you can also go the other way around the route.


Porvoo’s old railway station is located near the Porvoo artillery memorial, where the Lättähattumuseo train runs between Helsinki and Porvoo in the summer.

Check out the schedule and price list here.

The best local along the route:


  • Porvoo Cathedral
  • Linséninpuisto
  • Mill stone square
  • Fredrika Runeberg park
  • Runeberg park
  • Home of J.L. Runeberg
  • Walter Runeberg’s sculpture collection
  • Porvoo’s Old Town
  • Holmin Talo, Porvoo museum
  • Old Town Hall, Porvoo museum


  • Restaurant Salt
  • Restaurant El Patio
  • Bistro Gustaf
  • Bar House of Fun
  • Rafael’s Steakhouse
  • Café Café Jokiranta
  • Summer restaurant Wilhelm Å
  • Restaurant ship Glückauf
  • Cocktail bar Kliffa & Klubi
  • Restaurant Ranta-aitta
  • RUNO Kitchen
  • Restaurant Hanna Maria
  • Food in the Meat District
  • Restaurant & Bar Gabriel 1763


  • Cellar Bar & Café
  • Fredrika Cafe
  • Porvoo Paahtimo Bar & Cafe
  • Old Porvoo ice cream factory Glassikko
  • Ani’s Café
  • Café Fanny


  • Craft shop Ekomania
  • Gift shop Due Donna Pop-up
  • Paper cloud art shop
  • Used goods store Bohemia
  • Vintage clothing store Niin Mua
  • Clothing store Fabe Porvoo
  • BYPIAS Porvoo
  • African lifestyle & design boutique COCOCO
  • Furniture store Sasu’s Playhouse
  • Brunbergin store
  • Doris & Duke (river street)
  • PetriS Chocolate Room
  • Toy shop Riimikko
  • Interior Omietta

Beauty and Wellness

  • Fabe beauty salon services
  • Ecoskin dayspa & shop
  • Mirecomodo skin care salon

Things to do

  • River cruise Porvoo Line
  • Guided tours
  • Bosgård’s nature and culture trails
  • Home of Runeberg
  • Iso Linnamäki
  • Kokoniemi
  • Kungsbacka livestock farm
  • Porvoo mini golf center
  • Porvoo Art Hall
  • Canoeing, boating and cycling
  • Haikon Manor

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